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Do's and Don'ts: Zombie Apocalypse {Cover} by Razulude Do's and Don'ts: Zombie Apocalypse {Cover} by Razulude
So this was done for my Visual Communications class. Our assignment was to make a recipe of sorts. Basically, we could make anything that had to do with visual instructions. My solution was a handy dandy guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse!

The final piece is a set of 14 cards with 13 illustrations (including the cover). The cards are double sided and contain a 'right' side, in blue, and a 'wrong' side in red. They are contained for easy flipping through on a single o-ring and can be attached to key chains and the like.

This project took me about three weeks of work and planning. It was actually a lot of fun to see through to the end. I don't usually draw in this style, so it was fun to experiment. It was also a lot less painstaking than my usual stuff because I was focusing more on movement and energy and less on appearances.

There were a fairly equal number of zombies and humans harmed in the making of this card set.

Thanks for looking!
SnailPropulsionLabs Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013
I thought I'd put the comment on this one because I really enjoyed the whole booklet, It reminded me alot of the Good Idea, Bad Idea from Animaniacs.
You should totally sell a key chain doodad of this, I think it'd be brilliant.
Razulude Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Wow, thank you! And funny story, I had originally made it into a keychain book thing for a class my sophomore year. It would be awesome to be able to mass produce them, though. OvO
SnailPropulsionLabs Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013
Make a few, get them on someones stall at a comicon event, could be good.
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